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Our two-person design team, with ten years of product design experience and 19 years of electric guitar playing, composed and performed in rock and metal styles, has gained expertise in finding the right reasons for combining these experiences. In the BLACKHOLE, we have inspired hard rock, heavy, and thrash metal styles, especially Motorhead, Metallica, Slayer, and guitars such as Jackson kelly, Jackson Randy Rhodes, Gibson explorer, and James Hetfield’s guitar signatures.

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Broader research to optimize early ideas is always a complicated way. Of course, it is acceptable that it always needs hardness and effort to be optimized and mature. We believe The design of the guitar has hitherto been more limited to simple geometric volumes and fixed graphics on its body. At the same time, we thought that the appearance of the guitar would not be limited to the silent face anymore. Because of the newest technology, the smaller and lighter electrical parts are used in mobile phones, we decided to integrate modern technology with a unique design of 80s music styles based on our experiences.


electric guitar

We design the body based on hard rock and metal music, including the science of ergonomics. The presence of a liquid crystal display on the fretboard adds functionality to our guitar. Fret markers behind the guitar neck with braille signs can help people who are blind or have low vision to find frets. This function even makes professionals play guitar easier. A controller on the guitar body allows the player to change the monitor images instantly. We considered a port on the body to connect the computer with a USB cable. With specific software, data could be transmitted to the guitar memories and recharged the guitar’s electronics battery.
The idea of the display on the fretboard has several modes:
In learning mode, musicians can learn guitar lessons designed for the Blackhole. They can save data on guitar and learn it from the fretboard through the software.
In practice mode, musicians can practice patterns by scheduling practice times.
In performing mode, depending on the feeling of the music notes, Visual effects can be seen on the LCD fretboard. We tried to show it in our video. Imagine when the music riffs & solos are playing on stage; the guitar displays images associated with music sensation and offers the excitement inside it like pictures or visual effects.

We started with sketching on paper and implementation thoughts with digital sketching and got a basic look. By doing several reforms and trying to optimize the final design, we used CATIA software to make sure Blackhole was producible. After rendering with KEYSHOT software, we got to the last look. We created the video with FINAL CUT PRO X software and composed a song, especially for this project.
We are pleased to announce that Black Hole Multifunctional Guitar has been awarded the Silver A' Design Award in Musical Instruments Design Category by the International Design Academy, the grand jury panel of the A' Design Award & Competition, which consists of internationally influential press members, established designers, leading academics and prominent entrepreneurs.
The A' Design Award is the World's most influential and largest design accolade, presented each year in Italy. It is a great honor for us to receive this prestigious award, and we would like to thank all of our friends and partners for their continued support and help along the way. The A' Design Award gives recognition to the excellence of design on the international stage.

We can cooperate if you have a good idea for a lighting product and you need help and consultancy in producing and transporting it to the market. We are proud to have designed many products in this group, from the initial idea to delivery to the customer. We have gained a lot of experience in this field, and we are ready to be your friend, companion, and advisor in each of these stages. From our team's point of view, a product designed to be beautiful should have its points. The taste of the target market must be ensured. It is necessary to develop products ergonomically and follow the standards of that field. This design must follow the material standard for different climatic, environmental, and health conditions. The operation must be commensurate with the amount of capital allocated and the initial costs to the end. Be consistent with the manufacturer's planned goals. Comply with the manufacturer's facilities at all design, production, and sales stages. And the most critical issue today is the compatibility of design and product with the environment.
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